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by Katerina - Alexandra Papoulia

I love the word “mindfulness”, although I think the last couple of years we have used it more than enough, but -as everything else in life- I believe that we could approach this idea from 2 different points of view.

We can think that new ways of being have emerged during these difficult years and that’s good. However, we overuse and sometimes misuse terms like mindfulness, conscious choices, awareness, self care etc. and that’s not so good. Instead of quickly dismissing everything about these terms, we could simply reuse them.

Let’s see some simple ideas of what mindfulness actually is and some practices that we can do. 


Before you start preaching and teaching, first do your own work. Then be the model of these practices for your children (or students, or your beloved nieces and nephews), and then you can start sharing more tips to help your little ones (or the big ones too! Especially the really big ones!!!). 

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