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Are you an author?
Maybe an indie publisher?
Do you have great children’s stories that can inspire kids?

Let's talk!


What we are looking for

  • We are looking to connect with wonderful creators and individuals who understand the value of mindfulness in our lives. 
  • People who love writing stories, fairy tales, maybe lyrics, or anything else that can become a book, for children between 2-12. 
  • Artists that respect kids and their families. 
  • Talents who would like to be acknowledged and stay independent.
  • Content that can inspire kids to live a full life, with values, ethics and ideals applied to their everyday life.
  • Writers that can answer the big questions and talk about philosophy, kindness, or even how to be an active member in our world.

What we offer

  • With a small fee, depending on the services you choose, we can offer you a spot in our library.
  • We will infuse into your creation: music, narration, sound effects and the read along tool.
  • We offer to all of our authors regular payments every 6months.
  • We give simple contracts with clear terms and no hidden messages.
  • Professionalism, ethical relationships and kindness are our priority.

We are aiming to become a huge community that shares the same values, while working on creating a unique library with books that inspire and honor kids, all around the world.


Contact Us

Simple fill the contact form. Tell us about your story. We will send you a list of our services so you can choose and if your story meets the criteria, you can be one of our published authors! 



It is important to know that all the books are going to be audited by our team, in order to meet all the criteria and respond to the central theme, which is an umbrella that has mindfulness and values in the core.

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