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3 "about us" answers

by Katerina - Alexandra Papoulia

In the following lines I will try to talk about our team’s values and answer the 3 most common questions we receive.

First of all, thank you all for your questions! Communicating with our readers and audience is very important to us, we believe in open dialogue and we really listen to your suggestions. I would like to start with the most popular question, which is ultimately the core of our work.

Why children's ebooks

In my mind, things are very simple. We love books in all their forms! The whole team, we all are “bookworms” and we want to convey this love to our children as well. They say that “for every tablet that opens, a book closes”, but I don’t agree with that at all. It doesn’t have to be this way, there’s no reason to banish technology or to fear it. We just have to learn to use technology appropriately, to our advantage. Especially us, as adults, since we are constantly becoming an example for children. So, since technology offers us some tools to enhance reading, to make it interesting and fun, why not use them for our own good? Reading is NOT a chore, but unfortunately this is what we believed as children. And now it’s our job to change that! So, the solution could be children’s e-books which -at last- they make reading fun! In our view, that is the reason.

Why Mindful Books

This answer has to do with our own personal development. Fortunately we change, fortunately we grow up(!), fortunately we learn to listen more. What we have listened to is how valuable our moments are. We learned it the hard way and we want to show the children that the lesson can be done in an easier way. Simple moments are a gift and not a given, the observation of ourselves and the importance of what we experience is truly essential for our balance. The practice of consciousness, or mindfulness, is not a mystical theory, but the result of what we have learned. Inspiring children to listen to what they feel, to recognize their feelings and to choose how they will react, is the first step. The concepts of appreciation, gratitude and observation of the self are inextricably linked to the practice of mindfulness. So, what could be better than books, fairy tales and fiction that talk about these?

What is our vision

Vision! I love that word! Without claiming to “see the future,” what I’m observing now is an amazing shift in products and books that have to do with values, emotions, the need for better solutions and practices regarding our food industry, crops, but also new ways of meaningful communication. So, our vision and the future that we “see”, is a space, an active community, where artists and readers who share common values, interact and contribute in order to build a unique library with books that inspire and honor children, all over the world.

I hope my answers gave you a clear view of our goals for the “Mindful Books” project.


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